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It has always been a controversial topic how many new players we wished to join the community. Battler Zweq FIN. More Levels It wasn't just the Moposite crew who wanted to create Elma websites and organize contests: many teams and players contributed too. The author of the game also liked PeXi's work and added a link of top-20 total times list under the world records list which directed more visitors to PeXi's website to foster community even more. Good apple battle levels are usually tricky. Because it has also a level generator, we will see a screenshot of it in the next chapter. In Elma you may need to press five keys in some situations like when starting a level where your first move is a supervolt-gas-turn. For unknown reason three old levels, Fair Trial, Slippery Slope and On Top were dropped out and Turnaround and Enigma got modified radically. Levels and replays External level and replay files are very essential components of Across and Elma but no good collections of Across files exist eventhough KGB had many good replays available in their team website. You are not unique. Zero was the first to finish the legendary WCup404e ( ).

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The pretty trees and bushes might look appealing but it's more difficult to see clearly where the bike goes. It's same with your beloved one: you don't use literary language anymore but signs of emotions. Another interesting internal levels video, Internal Memories by Jappe2 ( ) is a really nice history of Elma internal world records. I guess I was quite strict moderator back in the days. Ded Flat Track 63 328) 391) Kazan Haircut 63 333) -. Veezay FIN 1838.80. As it later turns out, it's not possible to draw a line by picking some official number for the maximum value of acceleration allowed because the value depends on the situation. Bene has explained it in Mopolauta. The average number of players per battle was.91 and when the average length of the battle was.61 minutes, it means that there was a battle running 51 of time during the whole period. MikroBitti (1999) is most likely the reason why Elma became so popular in Finland but there was also a Polish article in 2000. Artificial intelligence (AI) It has been a goal of many Elma programmers for a long time to create a bot to improve existing replays, even finish levels by own. WR Zweq FIN Ramp Frenzy 42,85 265). In the beginning some old-school players didn't make use of it even in world records. Postal codes ( Postinumero ) are composed of a block of 5 digits. The main differences compared to Across were modified game physics, fancier graphics ( sigh gravity switches ( oh no 12 new levels, offline multiplayer mode and many small improvements here and there.

game the player must either notice the level editor or the timer. PeXi visited PRA guys in Piteå. The improvements were some of the craziest ever. Version.008 was the final until. Compared to v3, the layout was refreshed and Panel added. Enigma and Zig-Zag are worthy of their names. Many interesting alternative routes, new tricks and perfectly driven replays. Dz didn't use alovolt start in Over and Under in table #67 but swos used it even twice in table #71 so summer 2001 is most likely the first time when alovolt was started to be utilized by some players. Elma Ultimate DVD by Abula in 2010. Jeppe SWE 139.93. Karlis FM FIN 477,5 World Cup 2000 was also the first contest my own team, MC (Mahti Crossers) participated. It's a general TAS tool to save and load a computer game state and proceed it frame by frame. Contribution Kopaka DEN EOL levpack, Kopasite, GAA jury, movies.

Barbapappa and Juble were triple winners and Xhomaz, Zebra, Ville_J won it twice. DarMoeD had cheated 56 world records and the victory of World Cup. Jul MGen Aug ciph Sep CSabi Oct deadelous Nov psy Dec dz Winners of Kuski sexy xxx ilmainen eroottinen video of month in 2002: Month Player Jan Jeppe Feb Barbapappa ribot Mar mrickx Apr Abula May Cloud Jun TorInge Jul GuyB Aug DarMoeD Sep px Oct Nostrada Nov Jokke Dec. People didn't know other teams' times different sex positions ulvila so it was seksiseuraa imatra pk seuraa helsinki really exciting to finally see the first table. However finding the best generator algorithm is again one more aspect what makes the phenomenon of Elma so fascinating. Mikko, Nikke, Mazor and Jouni were most successful. As it tended to be, the first own level for most of us was a seksiseuraa imatra pk seuraa helsinki so-called speedloop, because you know, what could be more fun than a mega speed level?! Finnish Elma Meetings There are six players who participated all the Finnish Elma Meetings organized during Golden Era: Abula, Jokke, Karlis, mr, Orcc and Tisk. Many people played a lot because, you know, what could be cooler than showing your competitors that you can learn the new game, adopt the different touch and get a time seksi ilmoitus kipu orgasmin jälkeen better than anyone else in the very first WR table! Later we saw, even talked to the great heroes like Karlis, psy and Petri and the scariest of all, Tisk the channel operator. The current WR is astounding 0:11,41. There are 24 municipalities that are unilingually Swedish, 17 with a Swedish majority and 23 where the minority is Swedish (in all cases, the municipality must contain at least 3000 people or 8 per cent of the population as Swedish speakers to be declared bilingual). Czech Elma Site by TonyLee in 2005. Replay Spef FIN 33sp5273. Replay (ext) Zweq FIN ib9814 21,88. Jalli NOR 393.87. Spef has most WRs driven in Age of EOL. WR video (2:52,68) of the last level (D8) by aspirinka who has been dominating the lists all the way which usually means that he is the only player.

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